Jonathan Widran

“In Hollie Baines’ older press material, a reviewer named Kelly-Jane Cotter of the Asbury Park Press offers very understated praise: “Baines has a warm voice that demands attention.” To put it mildly! While she has entertained thousands putting that warm voice in the service of jazz standards for years, it’s wonderful to see her tap into her love of soul and blues on her triumphant return, A Little Bit Blue. Aside from the rich emotion of her voice and colorful musical storytelling ability, Hollie is working with exciting veteran musicians whose names you may not know but whose sound is jazz, swing and blues at its best. Rather than choose the same old standards we have heard a thousand times, Hollie opens us to her world via inspired song choices that traverse genres and decades – and which should inspire listeners to research earlier recordings. Haunted beautifully by those “Soul Shadows,” Hollie delivers a recording worthy of every last one of them.”